уторак, 19. новембар 2019.

петак, 7. јун 2019.

Innovate your dreams 2019.

Projekat je trajao 7 nedelja.

1. “Budućnost obećava ”       https://www.crimsoneducation.org/za/blog/jobs-of-the-future

First task: A promising future
- Every project demands preparation, members of team, realisation and evaluation. From students I have learned a lot.
- They have been presented jobs of the future on creative way.
- It is very important to know what jobs would be significant in the future.
- I learned new ICT tools for creating maps of mind and steps for realisation of the project.

2. "Sve što možeš da zamisliš možeš i da ostvariš" 

Second task: Everything you can imagine is real

- I have developed my skills to analyze questions and to choose development of solutions.
- I motivated my students to use their knowledge for STEM project.
- I learned on creative way how to solve some problems in our world.
- I teached members and students how to use both side of their brain.
- It is not so difficult to challenge student´s imagination and with this task I accomplished it.

3. Negujmo kompetencije

Upoznajte učenike sa 4K 21. vjeka, poznate pod nazivom veštine 21. vjeka.
3.Kritičko razmišljanje

Third task: Cultivating Competences

- I learned about competence for 21th century (4k) necessary for students.
- I learned different ways of cooperation  with participant of this project and exchange of creative works.
- I have been evaluated student's abilities based on their demonstration and what they are ready to do
- I succeed to find out which competence my members and students possess
- I succeed to do like quote said „The world is creation of our mind”
- I included students in an active process of learning

4. Svijet 2030

Fourth task: World in 2030

- I learned 17 tasks of sustainable development of UN and shown this tasks to my students on creative way.
- We find out about Teach SDG-s  and we joined them
- I learned several ICT tools for poster and colage
- I learned what teachers of 21 th century should:
·         have great expectations which inspire, motivate and challenging the students
·         have goal to improve and to have good result of students
·         show good knowledge of their subject
·         plan and teach good designed lesson

5.   Grnčarski točak

Fifth task: Potter’s Wheel

- I learned about new application and devices which can be used for teaching
- I trained my students how to use application and devices
- As a 21 th century teacher using of ICT tools I improved my teaching and creativity and independence of students
- I understand that teacher make creation of teaching content using ICT especially programs for distance learning and coopereting with teachers from all around the world

6. 3E

Sixth task: 3 E’s (Enough energy for, everyone)

- To make students successful in today´s world wich has been changing rapidly and wich is full of information, from students will be asked ability of carefull asking information and abilities of conclusion about of importance of this abilities
- I think that it is my duty to train students for this world and because of that renewable energy source investigation help me with that
- I expand my knowledge about renewable energy
- We trained students how to do experiment by themself and how to make plan for experiment


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